Saving Your Child’s Academic Future

Saving Your Kid’s Academic Future

35% of American school children are failing needlessly at school. Your child could become one of them.

Hi, I’m Michael Maloney, a teacher, principal and behavioral scientist for over 40 years. I’d like you to consider your options for salvaging your kid’s academic futures.

For example, take Jamie, one of my more challenging students. Jamie was an 8 yr old, skinny, blond-haired, blue-eyed youngster with mild cerebral palsy. He could not read or do math very well at all. Jamie’s mom was desperate as a result of getting nowhere with the school system. She brought him to my learning centre.

The public schools told her that Jamie could never learn and she should enroll him in a class for developmentally handicapped, even if that meant sending him away. Instead she decided to try our Centre’s methods Jamie finished 6 grades in two years. He completed high school, has a job and lives independently.

There are thousands of parents with failing kids who are completely unaware of the methods that changed Jamie. At the moment I am working with another student similar to Jamie. Eli is also making progress.

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