4 Questions To Ask At A Parent/Teacher Interview

book_holding_hands_with_stick_figure_400_wht_12583Managing that first Parent/Teacher Conference

Many parents are intimidated at parent/teacher conferences. Here are 4 questions they should ask.

Hello, I’m Michael Maloney, a school principal for 40 years. Many parents are uncomfortable in parent –teacher interviews. Parents need to take control of these interviews to some degree in order to make sure that they get their questions answered. Here are 4 questions to ask teachers so you can determine how their child is doing at school.

Pick a subject, such as math, that you are concerned about and ask these 4 questions;

1. What has my child learned so far in math?

2. What will you teach her next?

3. How will you know that she knows it?

4. How will I know that she knows it?

Competent teachers answer these questions easily. Mediocre and incompetent teachers can’t.

Such equivocation is an early warning sign. If you think there is a problem,

  •  Make another appointment to see Laura’s math teacher immediately.
  •  Take notes during the meeting(s).
  •  Tell the teacher what you expect.
  •  Share the interview information with the principal.
  •  Monitor Laura’s homework assignments and tests.

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