Day #3 – Scientifically–based Education or the Bandwagon Approach

In order to choose good curriculum, whether you are a school-based parent or a homeschooler, you need an accurate way to judge what works and what does not. In most areas of endeavor that would lead us to look at reports, reviews and scientific articles. You may not have the time or the expertise to do that. I do, so let me help you.

For the record, I have run learning centres for children and adults for almost 35 years. My colleagues and I have taught more than 100,000 children and adults basic literacy skills during that time. We even give a money-back guarantee for learning and a simple test so that parents can measure the learning independently.

I was a classroom teacher, a school principal, and a “school psychologist” before that. I have some real life experience in the trenches teaching kids, especially those in academic difficulty. I’ve also helped in the writing of a few books. And just for the record in 200, I was given the National Literacy Award (Educator Category) for our work with disadvantaged kids and adults.

Occasionally, I have the need to hire and train new tutors for the centre. Last week, I began the training of a new staff member, a certified teacher with several years of experience teaching English in South America and in the Middle East. She is an eager, bright, young woman, ready to learn whatever I offered to teach her.

I began by asking her what she knew about “Project Follow Through”. As expected, I got a blank stare and a touch of nervous anxiety. She is not alone.

As a guest lecturer to many schools, colleges, community service clubs and universities, I have asked this question numerous times. Only rarely does a hand go up to answer the question. When I ask how they came to learn about Project Follow Through, they always reply, “I read about it in your book.”

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