Day #2 – Getting Better Answers

stick_figure_choose_direction_anim_150_wht_2459Do you really know what is happening with your child’s education?

Whether you are a homeschooler or are sending your child to a public or private school, you are probably not in the loop. Homeschoolers get to see what happened today, but they rarely have insight into how inefficient the teaching process really is. Non –homeschooling parents are generally much less informed. They routinely send their children off to one of a variety of schools. Most days, most parents ask their children the standard question, “So, what happened at school today?” and they get the standard answer, “Not much.” This leads to the second and usually final question, “Do you have any homework?” which generally gets one of two responses “No” or “I did it in class.” The discussion dies. Everybody is cool. There have been no educational disasters today. It’s business as usual. So, except for those parents, mostly moms with children in the primary grades, who volunteer in the classroom, parents have no specific information about what is going on for 185 or so mandatory instructional days each year that they pack their kids off to school. They expect the teacher and the school to do their part and to allow them to get on with the business of life. So what’s wrong with that?

I will run down the list starting tomorrow.

Day #2 – Getting better answers

Let’s shine a light on the kinds of specific practices that may or may not be happening with your homeschooling or in your child’s classroom. This illumination will lead to better questions for the parent to ask their homeschool curriculum seller aboutwhat and how they are teaching. It will allow school based parents to know and be ableto demand the most efficient learning methods and materials from their schools..

Let’s take a simple practical example – spelling. As a homeschooler, do you know 16 specific spelling rules that will allow a child to learn to spell more than 12,000 words? Parents, does your child’s teacher know that such a series of programs exist on several levels from primary to high school? Would this information help you or your child’s teacher to do better than a weekly 25 word spelling list to be memorized? – a list that cannot be generalized to other similar words and which a best teaches 1000 words per year for each of the 5 or 6 years that spelling is taught. If you are a homeschooling parent, would this help your teaching?

Good trial lawyers are taught to never ask a question for which they do not know the answer. I expect to help parents to frame better questions and to have positive suggestions if the question does not evoke a sufficient answer. This also means that they must know the answers to the questions they ask before they ask them. I am here to supply the answers.

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