A Common Sense Approach of Teaching Science

The Issue

Students often have difficulty trying to make sense of the facts and phenomena that are presented in science curricula. Part of that confusion is the result of the organization of the science curricula itself. Scientific information is often taught in small distinct chunks which seemingly bear little if any relationship to one another. Science itself is split into many separate disciplines as if they were independent of one another. There is little systematic attempt to explain them as part of a consistent body of knowledge that is intrinsically related. Students study one discipline after another without much idea of how the pieces fit together, or even if they do. When the Academy of Science was originally asked which order the sciences should be arranged within the secondary school syllabus, they ultimately decided that arranging them alphabetically was as good an order as any. That is why students tend to have courses in biology, then chemistry, then physics during secondary school.

What is lacking in many science curriculua is an overview that would allow a student to see the big picture and then begin to appreciate how various other phenomena and facts relate to that universal view.

What do think about this...