A Common Sense Approach of Teaching Science – The Big Picture

girl_reading_a_book_custom_400_wht_15218The Big Picture

One logical place to start teaching kids scientific principles could begin by showing them where they are and why that matters. Almost everyone at some time or other has seen a poster of outer space. This picture, taken from deep space shows numerous galaxies, each with hundreds or thousands of stars whirling around at amazing speeds. Down in the bottom left-hand corner of that photo is one galaxy. In that galaxy, among thousands of stars, is a medium-sized star (our sun). It is indistinguishable from hundreds of others. Pointing to a spot close to that sun is a sign which reads, “You are here”.

Now the child can learn that each star is a sun like ours and that we live on one of countless bodies floating in space. Now the student has some notion of how large the universe may be and how small a part of it we are.

Zooming in on the picture, we can note that many suns seem to have other bodies associated with them. These bodies revolve around each particular star. Our particular star has nine such bodies, each revolving around our sun at various angles and distances, comprising our solar system. Even some of these planets seem to have other spheres revolving around them – our moon, for example.

Now the student has a frame of reference and is at a point to begin to understand and appreciate that there is order in the universe because there are laws and principles that determine the relationships between everything in the galaxy.

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